Anyone can make an appointment to see our Psychologist at Seasons Allied Health, alternatively your GP, Pediatrician, or school counsellor may send a referral letter.

  • Appointments are available on weekdays, with limited sessions after hours and on Saturdays.
  • Tele therapy appointments available via video link.
  • All appointments are between 50 and 60 minuets in duration. 


What to expect in your first appointment.

The initial appointment will include a comprehensive assessment of developmental history, and current needs and concerns.  At Seasons Allied Health we prefer to have the initial session include parents/ carers along with their child.  Attending the first session with your child means that you will have an opportunity to ask questions about the therapeutic process.  We will work together to assess yours and your childs needs, set goals and work out the best way to move forward in treatment and/or assessment.  It is vital to the therapeutic process that a positive connection is established between the psychologist and the family, and we will discuss a treatment or assessment plan that fits best with the child or young person and their family.



Psychologists are bound by the Australian Psychological Societies Code of Ethics, which states that confidentiality must be maintained with the exceptions of legal and duty of care obligations.  Confidentiality between a young person and their psychologist is essential in order for treatment to be successful. The psychologist will always encourage the young person to talk with their parent but confidentiality will only be breached when safety is a risk or with permission.


Information sharing

Information pertaining to diagnosis and treatment suggestions will be provided to the referring GP/Pediatrician.  Any other information requested by external services (schools, other health providers) requires consent from parents/ guardians.